8 Awesome Gift Ideas For International Men’s Day

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Today we celebrate the best of masculinity and It all started back in the 90’s when International Men’s day first started. Since then, it has been celebrated every year on November 19 and men all around the world wait for this day impatiently, and you know what? we can’t blame them! They hardly get any recognition all year long since it seems that every special occasion is about women whether it’s Mother’s Day or Women’s Day and occasions solely made for celebrating men are not as well known! We think they deserve a day of their own too, don’t you? Let’s give the men in our lives a break and treat them with a special gift be it your dad, brother, husband or friend, because we guarantee you they need it!

It’s time to celebrate the men in our lives! With International Men’s Day around the corner, be sure you take full effort to make him feel special. Whether he is your father, brother, husband or friend; show some love with sending him good wishes and a great present.
To help you out with this, we have curated various gift ideas for all kinds of men. Your choices range from electronics to accessories to stationery and more. Go on, look if any of this is perfect for him!


How much you your honey? Have you ever expressed it in a language of love notes? If not yet then this is the time to express your love to him not verbally but by the language of note. You must be guessing what is the language of love note?

So here is some unique idea of bunching up the notes that should contain the love that you usually don’t express or express somehow verbally to him.  Love Notes is about reminding him how much you love him and adore him.

Love Notes never goes out of trend, in fact, they always are the best. Whenever the person reads it gives them the special feeling of love which stays in heart forever and ever.


Index Cards are another thing that you can gift him as an anniversary gift. It is said as a romantic twist because it contains the reason that why you actually love him, or 50 reasons why he is sweet or 55 reasons he is the best. None of the gifts is ordinary while gifting something you just need the pure heart and Index Cards is the best way to let him know what qualities he has and what are the best things that he has.

Anniversary Gifts are important you keep them for a long time or for a lifetime so make it a little bit twisty and tricky. So make it special with special and creative love ideas


Imagine the morning he is standing by your side and you both are holding the coffee mug with the caption “He Owns my heart”, “She Owns my heart”; don’t you think the morning will be more beautiful with smiles on your face. This anniversary gift will be more special for the coffee lovers. It can be said as the best gift because every morning the mug will remind him of you and your loved memories.


A Photo Album is something that will memorize him about his best memories either with you with family or with your friend’s, a combination of this photo can make his day. Be sure to collect his best memories out of the rest.


Wheel of Good Fortune is basically a Wheel that contains good memories in a picture that will surprise him if you’ll add something with future that you both are planning or the thing he really loves. This personalized wheel of Good Fortune will surely make him fall in love with you again. You just need to be a little bit creative.

Happy International Men’s Day.

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