How an Oil Painting is Prepared?

The method of preparing the oil painting varies differently from artist to artist. Customized Oil Painting is much in trend for gifting purposes. Several options can be chosen like oil painting drawing, oil painting images, and digital portrait painting. Oil Painting Images are not new to go with, and hence they are really trendy to gift someone, or keep it as a home decor.

Oil paint is the most complicated of all the paints from a material point of view. When it comes to the eventual durability of the painting, the construction is quite tough and roughly divided into three steps : preparing the ground, applying the paint, and applying the varnish.

1.Preparing the ground

The quality of the preparation is largely determined by the eventual durability of the artwork. Paper, wood, cotton, cardboard can be used as a ground for oil painting. But not without prior treatment, paint care must contain sufficient oil to make a correct finish and pigments and form a good film. Only then will the pigment be sufficiently bonded and premature splitting and cracking will be avoided. Oil Painting Images are not easy to create, it requires a lot of effort and finishing. Hence, this is the first step for creating oil painting drawings.

2.Applying the Paint

Two oil painting techniques are layered painting and Alla Prima.

  • Alla Prima

It refers to the painting being painted with wet-into-wet. This technique helps to mix the color only on a pallet but also it helps in painting itself. The painting which is ultimately built up of a single layer must be completed while the paint is still waiting. The paint can be applied pure and is combined with always the same medium that should be solvent.

  • Layered Painting

Let painting is a painting that is painted on various layers. Next, they can only be applied when the previous layer is dry enough to ensure that it is not dissolved. Layered painting is a technique that has been followed in past years. It gives you a satisfactory result.

3. Applying the varnish

Varnish for oil paint generally consists of resin dissolved in a solvent. To protect the paint layer and determine the gloss finish to the painting for a good oil painting image needs a varnish that must be possible during the painting some can in areas can arise and every oil painting image should be taken care of with the help of varnish.

Oil paint dries under the influence of light and the oxygen; this is basically a chemical process. Once the paint is applied this oxidation process continues in the aging process, hence the final oil painting image is prepared.

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Grab personalized oil painting gifts as a special gift for your loved ones

Oil painting is a mixture of three materials that are pigment, binder, and thinner. Pigment is a colour element while Binder is the liquid vehicle and carrier holds the ground of pigment that is to be applied to oil painting images to support it. The most popular type of oil painting is painting personalized oil painting. Personalized Oil Painting Gifts are much in trend and you can easily choose them as a special gift for your loved ones.

Why to Choose Custom Portraits?

What is the good thing about oil painting? People generally love the flexibility and the in-depth colours present in the personalized oil painting. They can be applied in many different ways to give a correct finish to that painting. It holds a special place in someone’s heart if you want to give them their Memories and make them feel special. This provides a greater opportunity to let them know how special they are for you. Custom Potraits are mostly loved and hold a special place in someone’s heart. 

Give the best way for expressing your gratitude and love to someone and giving them this custom painting helps you to offer them the love and the special on this special occasion. What do you often give? Does it vary according to the occasion? Oil painting fits best for all occasions. Yes! Hand Painted portraits from photos show the affection that you had with the person.

A Gift That Reflects Your Feeling

If you give something material to someone like flowers, mobile phone Surely they would be happy but what makes it different? In a few months or years of span your gifts will be replaced by something better that comes up in the market but what remains? Personalized oil painting gifts can never be replicated. When you give a painting to your loved ones you are offering them their emotion; this makes your gift apart from other material used in things. It doesn’t matter if a better painting comes up, they would never feel able to remove and replace or replicate that particular and hand painting portraits from photos. Custom portraits hold a special place in someone’s heart and they are considered to be the best gift for those whom you love.

Wrapping Up!

We just try to tell you the best personalized oil painting gift. Painting makes the best gift whether it is a festival or some other special occasion. See how relaxing it is when you give someone the hand painted portraits for custom portraits to make their day special. Are you worried about where to buy the best canvas oil painting? Check out our collection and be ready to give your loved one the best from our latest collection.

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