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Calling all artists graphic designers and creative minds! Who won’t love to get paid simply for doing what they already love to do? GiftAPic is a free marketplace that enables thousands of artists to sell their artwork to new audiences. Just upload your designs on any of our products and make them more amazing which our audiences will love. We do everything from printing to shipping to handling customer service. Sell your artwork on hundreds of retail-quality products and set your own royalty rates. It’s easy and FREE!

Our Pricing System

You are completely free to set up your own margins and determine what you earn from each sale. Choose any royalty rate from 0% to 99%

Base Price

Simply put Base Price is the cost of manufacturing involved in final product, which includes material & printing cost
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Artist Margins

Artist Margin is what you want to earn from each sale on products you designed.
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Retail Price

Retail Price is a price you see per product across site; it’s a combination of Base Price and Artist Margin.
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Easy to start selling online, in just 4 easy steps


Upload your Designs

Once you have created a Design which you think user will going to love, simply upload your artwork and designs onto products.
Personalized Caricature Coffee Mug

Customer Likes it Buys it

When buyers purchase product’s, crafted by your designs, we handle payment for you.
Photo Mosaic Collage Canvas

Printing & Shipping

We coordinate with our business partners to get product ready and shipped with ease.

Get Payment and grow

Receive timely payment for the successful sales.


Here are some common questions about selling on GiftaPic

How do I start selling?

Joining and starting a shop on GiftAPic is free. Just signup and you are done.

After opening your free account, you need to set up your store. You can open a store here. You must be logged in first.

Then, you can start creating products and posting them for sale. We take care of manufacturing, inventory, shipping, and customer service leaving you free to concentrate on designing and promoting your products.

Can I set my own royalty percentage?

Yes, your products’ final prices are determined by you. The final price is = to the base price + the royalty (up to 99%) that you set for the product.

What happens after my design gets sold?

Whenever you make a sale, you don’t have to do anything – we will print and ship them to customer.

You will be notified through an email with all the required details related to order. You can also see a list of your sales in My Account – My sales.

Is there any cost involved in to open a store?

Nothing. It’s completely free. Once you make a sale, you will get a percentage of that sale, based on the royalty percentage that you set. 

How do I get paid?

Earnings are paid out monthly to your account. We encourage designers to keep their account details updated to avoid any delay.

What products can I design on?

Choose from our large list of Prints, Canvas, Furnishing, Mugs and more! Check out our Product Gallery for more details.

Do I keep my design rights?

Yes. Your design rights belongs to you always.

Still have more questions? Feel free to contact us.

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