• GiftAPic.in preserves the right to refuse or reject any order unconditionally.

• All claims are subjected to the jurisdiction of Court at New Delhi, India only.

• If GiftAPic.in in incapable to deliver order, then complete refund will be made. We shall not be accountable for any other charges, emotional stress, loss of profits, any other liability or others due to non-delivery.

• GiftAPic.in has taken every care for the accurateness of the information given in the site. It has applied due diligence to give the latest product info. However, GiftAPic.in or its employees or affiliates are not answerable for the damage or loss caused to any of the users wowing to the information unintentionally given on the site.

• We at GiftAPic.in will attempt delivery of the products ONCE. In case the delivery isn’t completed during the effort, the customer or purchaser shall still be charged for the order & no re-delivery of the item will be possible. We will assume the order carried out in the below mentioned cases:

o » Delivery of item failed due to wrong address
o » Unavailability of the recipient
o » Premises locked
o » Wrong Cell/Phone or Extension Number/ Not Working Number/ No Reply or Connecting/ Unreachable, and delivery is not executed.
o » Recipient refused the items or products
o » Delivered the item at the Reception/Gate/Neighbor

• Please take into account that Flowers, Cakes along with other unpreserved are sourced nearby or locally at the location of the delivery and will be hand delivered to the recipient.

• No deliveries of products will be made on National Holidays.

• The image or the picture appeared on the site is indicative in nature. Actual or real product may vary in design or shape as per the accessibility or availability.

• GiftAPic.in reserves the right to substitute or replace the flowers or flowery arrangements (Including specified colors) or other products with higher or equal value in case the desired products of the customers are available.

• In case of Heavy Rains/ Flood/ National Bandh, or any unforeseen circumstances GiftAPic.in reserves the right to postpone the delivery to that particular date & to reschedule the delivery for another date.

• No change in orders can be entertained before 2 working hours of the delivery date & approved by our Customer Care team.

• Express orders once made cannot be cancelled if not requested 1 working day before the delivery date.

• Courier Orders can’t be cancelled once it processed.

• In Case the item is not delivered because of any of aforesaid reasons, the update will be accessible in our website & same can be gathered from the delivering outlet same day, in the same city, details of which are accessible with our Customer Care numbers.

• GiftAPic.in will not think about or entertain any complain for unpreserved items like cake, fresh flowers etc after 24 hours from the time of delivery.

• Proof of delivery will be given in case of dispute in delivery.

• For non-perishable commodities or merchandise the respective brands will be accountable for the quality of the item.

• Shipment or delivery of certain branded products may not be possible or delayed under a few unmanageable conditions like product is unavailable in the market or stopped by the producer. In such circumstances, similar item, next to the description will be delivered. Agreement of the customer would be taken for the same via email. However, if the customer doesn’t respond within 24 hours, it shall be understood that he/she has agreed to the delivery of the alternate item.

• Request for postponement or cancellation of confirmed item can be made up to 1 day before the delivery date. Customer can send cancellation request at our customer service’s email id.

• While placing an order, customers are requested to provide us with the correct and full information for delivery at Hospital/Hotel.

• Courier & Express products cannot be sent together at the same time.

• If the recipient or any other person is not available at the shipping address to collect the item or product, at the time of delivery, the order will not supposed to be late. Therefore in such cases, no cancellation, refunds or liability can be made.

• If the recipient hasn’t checked-in at the hotel by the delivery date, the product will be left at the reception & it will be considered as executed. If the recipient ahs checked-out of the hotel or inn by the delivery date, the order will be considered as executed and in such cases no refund will be made. For the delivery of the gift items to marriage ceremonies/ marriage halls, GiftAPic.in may not be able to guarantee the delivery to the bride/bride-groom owing to non-availability of our delivery-side to the couple. But, we shall make sure that the delivery is executed to one of the answerable members of host. Also, if feasible we shall hand over the name of the recipient via our order confirmation mail.

• Under no circumstances and situations whatsoever shall GiftAPic.in be liable for any damages, loss of data, or lost profits whatever including, without limiting, any indirect, incidental, special, consequential or other damages that come about or result from the use of or failure to use the products/services presented in the site. In spite of the foregoing, in no event shall GiftAPic.in be liable to the customer for any or all losses, damages, and causes of action (including but not restricted to, negligence) or else exceeding the amount paid by the customer to GiftAPic.in for that particular service or product.

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