Things You can do This Valentines

Valentines Day

Things You can do This Valentines To Make Your Long Distant Love Happy

1. Lit up your room with candles and fill it with red balloons and wish your love ‘Happy Valentines Day’ at midnight on a video call and propose your love to be with you forever.

2.Video call and ask your distant lover to be on the rooftop under the moon and stars. The feeling of being under the same sky will be romantic and Blissful.

3. Send Audio/Video clips of romantic songs, even better if you can sing it in your voice

4. Email handwritten love letters and express your true love feelings, there is nothing better than handwritten love letters.

5. Send Screenshots of handwritten notes, of the reasons why you love them immensely and why they mean so much to you.

6. Plan a video call dinner dine, get each other’s favorite delicacies and enjoy a romantic meal. End the meal with a celebration with cupcake and candle.

7. If you can, plan a surprise visit to see your love and you are sure to make their day. A special hug and kisses from your soulmates will speak more than any gifts and luxuries.

8. Don’t be disappoitned if you were not managed to see each other valentine, you can always plan a celebrtion when you meet next. Celebration of love doesn’t need a specific day.

This Year Things You can do This Valentines with your better-half.


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